Duelz Mobile Casino

 It is incredibly rare to come across an online casino that is better adapted to a mobile phone compared to a computer. The most common way that gaming sites have operated is that they have a regular website and then complements this with a mobile casino that gives the player more freedom to play when and wherever they feel like it. Mobile casinos became popular when the iPhone launched its first phone in 2007. During this initial period, however, it was mainly apps that were the first priority, but today more and more companies are investing in mobile-adapted websites. There are many advantages to mobile. You can easily pick up your phone whenever you feel like playing and have access to the majority of the games available, the same awesome support and all available bonus systems.

Focus on mobile

Duelz Casino is a newly launched gaming site that focuses on mobile playing and this is clear from the first visit to the site. Duelz Casino was created initially for mobile phones and then the casino was also launched as a regular website. With modern technology, the creators made sure to create a mobile casino that works great on all types of devices and that offers a really good gaming experience, every time. Here you can access the entire screen and can navigate easily without a problem. Duelz Casino has chosen to keep the same stylish and unique design for the mobile casino, which means that there is a clear connection throughout.

Simplified log in

If you want to log in to Duelz through your mobile phone, you use mobile identification. Mobile ID is the latest addition to the casino world and Duelz does not disappoint in this area. By using this method to login customers do not have to go through a long registration process to get started playing the games. Additionally, mobile ID also allows for the smoother withdrawal of winnings, which of course many players appreciate. Long payout times and complicated registration processes have long been an issue for playing customers. It simply takes too much time from the actual gameplay itself.

At Duelz mobile casino you will read about all the features and “spells” that the casino offers. You will find information on chests, free spins, characters, Dragonfire and much more, but to see all the games that Duelz offers you need to log in first. Site terms and conditions are available as well as the bonus conditions, a section on responsible gaming and direct contact with customer support if needed.

Large selection of mobile games

It is clear why Duelz chose to focus on mobile gaming. In 2015, a survey was conducted which showed that as many as 30% of all gaming customers chose to play on their mobile phone rather than the computer. Considering how technology has progressed since then, the percentage is probably higher today. In other words, you can say that Duelz Casino is a modern casino and that there is a clear thought behind the site. Duelz Casino is perfect for players who prefer bigger freedom in their gambling, who want an easy login process and fast withdrawal opportunities. The range of games Duelz offers include slot machines, table games, live casinos and duels. All that is required is a connection to the internet and a mobile ID.