Duelz Casino Mobile ID

There are a lot of new things happening on the casino market, and every year there’s a new thing everyone focuses on. In 2016 it was new gambling sites constantly launching, and in 2017 it was new bonus systems, and 2018 was the year when modern technology entered the market and made it easier for players to log in quickly and make transactions. Up until the end of 2017, there was no way to log in to an online casino without creating a regular account. The registration process could take a long time, and you would often have to enter an astounding amount of information about yourself. When the registration process was completed you still couldn’t start playing immediately, because you had to wait for a confirmation email.

To make it easier for customers to log in without having to create an account, a new solution was created – login with the help of mobile identification. Duelz lets you log in this way, and all you need is access to a unit with an internet connection and a mobile ID. There are many advantages to a mobile ID, and it’s clear why Duelz has chosen to use this particular method. Duelz does not offer any other log in options.

The Duelz casino has made it easy for players to get started playing all the entertaining casino games. The first thing you’ll see when you visit the website is a colourful background with two elf-like characters engaged in an action-packed duel against each other. You can then choose to deposit money by entering the sum in the field located in the midst of the duel. You choose the amount you want to play with, and the minimum amount is £4. But if you want to get access to Duelz’ welcome chest, you need to deposit at least £16, the minimum amount needed to activate the welcome gift.


Payment Methods with Mobile ID

When you play with mobile identification at the Duelz casino, you’ll be able to use direct bank transfers to deposit or withdraw money to or from your casino account. Duelz has made it easy and effortless for its customers to make payments by discarding all credit cards, digital wallets, and invoicing methods usually offered by casinos. Direct bank transfers offer a very secure method which requires you to verify yourself when you log in. By verifying yourself immediately you’ll get significantly faster withdrawals and deposits than you might be used to at other online casinos. Payment can take as little as two hours and never takes more than a day. The time it takes to process a payment usually depends on the bank you’re using.

Duelz’ payments methods work equally well on your phone, on your tablet, and on your computer. The truth is that the mobile casino is better when you want to play and take part in the profits. Duelz itself recommends the mobile casino for the optimal game experience.